December 01, 2003

I. Am. Not. A. Social. Worker.

Today was truly one of these days where I come home and look for another job. Anything that pays decently well. Anything that will allow me less hassle day-to-day and more inner peace.

I am not a social worker. I didn't sign up to this. I wanted to teach, not soothe the troubled souls of youth, who take all their anger, bitterness and rage on me. Nope. Don't remember that in my job description. So, I'm left a bit upset by the whole incident.

I am not a social worker, I am not a social worker, I am not a social worker.

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Musical Mondays

Sundown in the Paris of the praries
Wheat kings have all their treasures burried
And all you hear are the rusty breeezes
Pushing around the weather vane Jesus
-Wheat Kings, The Tragically Hip
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November 30, 2003

Our house...

As promised, many months ago, to Jason and a few others, here are some photos of our house. It's a little messy at the moment, but it's ours.

lvngrmdec.jpgThis is the living room, as seen from the door leading to the dining room. The shelves, put up by N himself, house part of our book collection. We really like the colour of the wall.

dngrmdec.jpgThis is the dining room, with a messy table and Christmas presents in shopping bags all over the floor (unseen). The main focus of the room is, of course, the piano on which N plays some great tunes. The dining room leads to...

the kitchen, which is not very exciting yet because we haven't painted it yet.

/blog/bdrmdec.jpg Upstairs, we find the bedroom, which is one of the tidier rooms. On the other side of the bedroom is a lovely, built-in wardrobe that must date from the early part of this century. The bedroom leads into the

/blog/bthrmdec.jpgbathroom, which hasn't been painted yet either. But it has the world's greatest rolltop, clawed-feet bath, which is ever so comfortable. And, it also has a shower cubicle, so we can choose our cleanliness methods individually. Ahhhh.

/blog/sprmdec.jpg Also upstairs, we can find the spare room, which needs a bit of rearranging. For now, though, it'll do.

Not included in these photographs is the loft (too dark) and the lean-to (too cold), but I think you get the picture. The house is very cosy, especially this weekend as we had double-glazing put in. No more draughts! We are settling in beautifully and once all the painting is done, we can truly relax.

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I am back.

Back, I tell you!


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November 21, 2003


Yesterday, two bombs went off in Instanbul, killing at 27 people and injuring more than 400. Between 70,000 and 100,000 people filled the streets in London to protest against Bush's visit and his policies. Michael Jackson was arrested.

The bombings are being blamed on al-Qaeda. The protesters toppled an effigy of George W. Bush in Trafalgar Square. Michael Jackson is being charged with child abuse.

Tony Blair said that there will be no compromise in dealing with the terrorists. George said that freedom was great and he didn't mind the protests. Michael Jackson posted a bail of 3 million dollars.

Mourning for the dead will contine for a long time yet. George Bush leaves the UK today. Michael Jackson is back at home.

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